Monday, November 4, 2013

4 November 2013

Hi Everyone

Great news!!  If you have your internet connection via SNAP, you can get unlimited YOU TUBE usage  provided you go directly to the You Tube site to access the videos rather than clicking on any links you come across.  This will save you using up your GB allowance on videos leaving more GB for other uses!!

Cheers Denise

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

9 October 2013

Three Computers in Homes computers are now housed at Buller REAP on Palmerston Street, Westport.  Thank you to Buller REAP for making the space available.  The computers have been connected to the internet via wifi and are now fully functional.

Rejuvenations have continued and are mostly up to date.  Computers have been checked over and on line surveys have been completed as those people who have had their computers for a year take over the responsibility for their machines now that the machine's warranty period is over.

There have been a few calls from people who have had minor issues with their computers.  It is great to help with these issues and it is always enjoyable to meet up again.

Kiwi Skills
Kiwi Skills is an on line computer training programme.  There is an Assessment Tool available with it to assess where the gaps in learning are, before deciding what training to undertake.  Recently the Kiwi Skills Assessment Tool was offered free for those who applied before the end of September.  I visited as many organisations as possible around Westport to let them know of this opportunity.  I hope I reached anyone who would find this to be of use to their organisation. 

I hope you and your families are enjoying your computers.  Don't forget to get in touch if you are keen to continue with your computer training and wish to start the Stepping Up programme.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

20 August 2013

We had an amazing evening recently to celebrate the learning and success of our 'Computers in Homes' and 'Stepping Up' graduates. It was lovely to see the support from Graduates families, with their children, parents and partners attending.  Also thanks for the support of local school principals and the Westport Mayor.  It was a great opportunity to reconnect with training group members and swap stories on how the computer learning was progressing at home (and the glitches of course!!).

Computers in Homes Graduates - Westport and Ngakawau
Graduates of Stepping Up - Westport and Ngakawau

Thank you to those who used their computer skills to share with us the stories of their learning and the benefits for their families. The presentations were just great, in all their variety!!  They were very much enjoyed.  Good luck with your continued use and learning with computers!

Cat and her son receiving a prize for her story.

Changes to Westport office

So, it is farewell to the Westport 'Computers in Homes' office as we close the doors for the last time - a big empty space now, but it served us well!  I am still about and am now based on a limited time basis at Buller REAP offices on Palmerston Street.  I can be contacted via the listed contacts or via Buller REAP on 789 7659.

Office in action!
The last farewell

As the need for the 'Computers in Homes' programme in the Buller region appeared to have been met, funding has been redirected to other areas of the West Coast where greater need is apparent.  We would still like to hear from anyone in the area who doesn't have a computer in their home and requires computer training, because if there is evidence there is still a need, we would try to gain funding for another course in this region.  

In the meantime, I am working collaboratively with Buller REAP to offer basic computing training from their offices.  We appreciate Buller REAP housing us for continuing contact with you all and for Rejuvenation - one year computer WOF checks.  So if you have any issues I am still here to support and also to receive any enrolments.  We can organise an appointment time to meet.  Look forward to catching up in the near future.  Cheers Denise

Monday, July 29, 2013

29 July 2013

Congratulations to our three most recent Computers in Homes training groups who have now successfully completed their courses!!!!  Two based at the Westport suite and one based at Ngakawau at the Northern Buller Community Resource Centre.  (Sorry I didn't catch you all on camera!!)  I hope you have great fun using your computers at home.

Working their way through the Online Survey.
Sorting out those User Accounts!


Computers are heading home!

We have our Graduation Ceremony tomorrow night, and I am looking forward to seeing you all and hearing how the computers have been behaving for you.   It will be a great celebration of all your learning and success and a great time to reconnect.  See you there!!


Thursday, June 27, 2013

26 June 2013

We are just over half way 'til Christmas.  Scary stuff!!! 

We have two new Computer in Homes groups started in Westport.  The first group started on the 10th June and are already whizzing through the programme and growing in confidence session by session.  Their computers have been ordered and we are now organising SNAP internet connections for those who need it.
The second group started this week.  Their sessions are Mondays from 1-3pm and Thursdays from 9-11am.  We were having a real struggle to find a timeslot that worked for everyone, but we settled on these times as our best choice. There are a couple of places left on this course so if you contact me in the very near future it shouldn't be too late to come on board.  A great chance to learn some new skills!

Computer Club

There have been requests for regular computer time get togethers from people who have completed Computers in Homes and Stepping Up courses.  They wanted an opportunity to practice the skills they had learnt, to have a tutor available for support if it was required and to help with any issues they were having on their computers at home, and to reconnect with the group they went through their courses with. 
So, finally today we had our first "Computer Club" session.  It was held between 1.30 and 3.30pm for any past Computers in Homes or Stepping Up people.  We will trial this for the two weeks and see how it works for everyone.   Any past trainees are welcome to join us.  See you next Wednesday!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

15 May 2013

Our Westport 'Computers in Homes' group is moving rapidly through the different topics.  They are learning quickly and supporting each other as they go.  We have discovered some fast touch typists as we have worked on Word Processing.  Lots of lovely clip art has been added to folder covers and poems.

 Here they are, all with great concentration!!
The new computers have been ordered, and will arrive in time for the end of course.  It will be exciting to take the new reconditioned computers home.
Ngakawau centre has two new participants.  Welcome to them both.  Still room for a couple more if you are interested.

Monday, May 13, 2013

8 May 2013
 Putting it all together, checking it works.




Success!  Everything is working as it should!
Another group of amazing people have completed our Computers in Homes programme in Ngakawau.  Many of them have decided to continue on to the Stepping Up programme.  At present we have two Stepping Up classes happening at the Northern Buller Community Resource Centre each Tuesday – one in the afternoon and one in the evening.  There is also a Computers in Homes course in the afternoon from 3.30pm.   There are still spaces for this one – so contact us if you are interested.

Assembling the new computers

Yay!!! New computers in action!

Our Westport Computers in Homes group completed the programme in March and the Stepping Up group, after working very hard on  a lot of topics, finished at the beginning of May.  Well done to both groups for extending your skills!!  It was a pleasure working with you.

In Westport we have a full class for Computers in Homes just started, meeting twice a week.  It’s a cosy and busy atmosphere in our Westport office with all the computers on the go.  We have been exploring the internet and are now about to tackle creating gmail accounts and getting connected with family and friends. I hope to start another Computers in Homes course in Westport soon…. And also a Stepping Up course.  So if you are ready to update your skills contact me.  It will be great to have you on board!                 

Cheers Denise

Thursday, February 14, 2013

14 February 2013

We are full into courses in Westport and Ngakawau now and this time we are trialling an evening course at our Ngakawau venue.  Everyone is making a concerted effort to make it to the sessions - often after finishing long days at work or working around other commitments!  It's great to meet a new group of wonderful people.

As you can see it is full on concentration!
Our Westport course is being held on Monday and Wednesday between 12.30 and 2.30pm and Ngakawau's course runs on a Tuesday from 1 until 3pm. 
We also have Stepping Up courses started.  Westport's course is on Monday and Wednesday from 9.00 until 11.30am and Ngakawau's course is on Tuesday from 7 until 9.30pm.
All our pod computers have been updated since the last course in 2012 with increased graphic capacity. Yay!! This is great and now allows us to use Microsoft Movie Maker. We will have fun with this programme!!
We will have a course starting in Reefton at the beginning of Term 2.  It will be exciting to have Computers in Homes available in Reefton.
The next courses will be in April/May.  It won't be long before we are beginning to organise those - so if you would like to be involved in learning new skills and feeling more comfortable behind the keyboard, let us know.
Cheers Denise

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Karamea Graduation

Congratulations to our Karamea families who have graduated during 2012. We had a lovely afternoon yesterday meeting some of the families and their children and hearing about the amazing achievements they have made since getting their computers. Thanks to Daniel Chitty and Bradley Roberts for supporting the participants through their learning. We have enjoyed being involved with the Karamea community.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Computer Pod Update

Westport, Ngakawau and Hokitika learning suites have recently had complete upgrades of computer hard drives, giving us double the grunt to enable us to run programmes such as Microsoft Movie Maker and to cope with the higher level graphics used today.  This brings our training computers up to speed to match computer capacity of  machines distributed to learners.  It also means these computers will have space for future upgrades.  Technology is moving so fast!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ngakawau Computers in Homes and Stepping Up

The team at the Buller Bay Information and Resource centre have enjoyed their course this year .  We've been impressed with the way these learners have worked together, helped each other.  Thanks to Pam and the committee at the Buller Bay Information and Resource Centre, this is a beautiful space to work in and always very warm and welcoming. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Save the big news for last Cheryl...............keeps them guessing!
We are proud to welcome Denise Henley to our team.  Denise is well known in the Westport and Buller Education community most recently through her work at the Buller Community Development Company.  Denise began working with us in early May and has been busy setting up the Westport office, supporting the classes in Karamea and organising to run a group in Ngakawau - to help get that waiting list down a tad. 
Denise started her first two groups together in Ngakawau, the 9 (we have space for one more at Ngakawau, if you want to get there - get in on or before the 19 June) participants are meeting in two groups twice per week to get through their Computers in Homes course before the end of June.  That will then complete our target number of 50 for the year.
By the time the new term gets underway in mid-July, we hope to have courses running, one of Computers in Homes and one of Stepping Up running happily in Westport like it had never been away!
Keep an eye on the Westport News over the next few weeks, we haven't told them yet but we're intending to launch the new training venue with an open day for people to call in, have a cup of tea and a cake and generally have a look around.
Denise will be contacting our waiting listed families and inviting them to come along and we really need to make some noise about thanking the Westport community for all their help and support and encouragement in getting us settled into our new space and ready to go. 

The new Westport venue phone number is 03 789 5280
Or, you can phone Cheryl at WestREAP 0800 927 327
Or, email Denise at
Or, email Cheryl at

Check out these Websites:

There now, that's everyone up to date!
Cheryl Jackson
Just to keep the timelines right - nek minit..............................
Around the time that Jeannie left us, we found the perfect venue for our classes. 
We hunted for months to come up with a space that we could use, one that we could afford and one that gave us all we needed in terms of security, access to the internet and a  good central location that people could get to. 
The first hurdle came when we found the space and the price was nearly there for us, but it was still just that little bit high - we'd come from a community partnership with the Salvation Army rooms where the costs were minimal and here we were trying to fit into the current rental market in Westport - not easy, to say the least.  The first rescue came in the form of Holcim, who kindly granted us enough to get us in and up and running and keep us there until the end of the year, we're okay for 2014!
Massive thanks to Holcim for their support.

The awesome Kerry from WestREAP's Hokitika Administration team and Cheryl the ACE Co-ordinator spent a day unpacking the learning suite that Jeannie had packed away in December and setting up our new room.

Then the drama's unfolded!  We had no phones or internet lines connected.............we couldn't set up the office because no-one wanted to delve into the job of connecting everything for us.....people didn't have the time or there was a demarkation line they couldn't cross from Telecom lines into those put together by private contractors.  In the end, Buller Electricity came to the rescue............Bruce and his team worked through the night to get us up and running again and the very kind management of Buller Electricity donated their time to the community who are going to be using the centre.  We have a waiting list for Westport programmes and we're very grateful to Buller Electricity for giving us this support for our families!

You can find us at Unit 3, 187 Palmerston Street, Westport. 

Right opposite the New World Supermarket and behind Moore Flowers.  We have one of our community partners, Te Ara Mahi nearby in the front unit and we are soon to be joined by another organisation on the other side of us.  It's going to be all go in that little space, soon to be the space to go for learning opportunities!
Phew!  It's been a while since we had an update.  Buller Computers in Homes is back online! 
Before we go further into the changes and the news here in June, let me catch you up on what's been happening since our graduation in April, The one where Elsie contributed the lovely story of her experience with learning about computers......................

That graduation day was tinged with sadness for our Buller communities as we said farewell to Jeannie and saw her off on her return to her home in Canada.  Thank goodness for technology because we won't miss out on seeing her wedding pics in September and we'll hear news from time to time from Jeannie and Johan - the world is a much smaller place thesedays. 

Farewell Jeannie, we'll all miss you but we're looking forward to seeing you again when you visit on holiday!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Story Award

The Outstanding Story Award went to Elsie Conolly, from the Westport course. This is what she had to say.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to attend computer in homes course. At the age of 79 I was a bit apprehensive about joining having no computer skills at all. Because of the excellent Tutor I soon felt able to use my computer which I bought once I felt confident.

What a difference it has made for me. Having retired recently it has opened up a whole new interest for me. It is wonderful to be able to Skype my family who don’t live near Westport. It is like having them home in my lounge
Also with Google if I need to find some information it takes only a few minutes. And emailing family and friends is so easy.

Thank you “Computer in Homes” for opening up a new life for me. I used to be quite sad at not receiving mail from family as no one seems to write letters any more, now I can hear from and talk to them every day.

Thank you Jeannie, a task well done.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

January update

Happy New Year everyone! We have yet to find a new home for our Computers in Home pod in Westport, so no classes will be held in term 1.

Courses in Ngakawau will be starting in mid February.

Jeannie has been contracted by our national body 20/20 to update the Stepping UP modules to bring them upto date. So stay tuned to some great new material in Term 2.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Winning Story

The following story was the winner of our Outstanding Story competition at the graduations in December. It was submitted by one of our Westport students, who has asked to remain annonymous. The student won a Brother printer to complement their new desktop computer.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

West Coast CIH wins NCCG media award!

Our West Coast team won the chocolate fish media prize at the NCCG meeting last week. The prize goes to the region with the most media coverage in the months since the last meeting. The coverage of WestREAP's 30th Birthday really impressed the judges :)

Photos courtesy of National Coordinator, Di Das. Cheryl Jackson, West Coast's CIH Coordinator, in the meeting with other regional coordinators from Poirirua and Dunedin. Barbara Craig reads article from the West Coast Messenger.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Wonderful Thank You

The following message was sent in from one of our students:

Wow, Computers in Homes has been GREAT!

My daughter and I have been writing letters to our family and friends. Rebecca has been writing poems. She is really talented!!! The day I got to bring the computer home was EXCITING because we have never owned a computer before.

We don't have the internet yet, but I'm sure when we do we all will have lots of fun. The course has shown me that there are some really lovely people in the community.

At first I thought that computers were scary and only smart people could use them but Jeannie has taught me so much and that any one can use them with confidence.


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy Birthday WestREAP!

On Friday, the 4th of November Westland Rural Education Activities Programme celebrated 30 years! The day kicked off with a Powhiri and cake cutting. Many special guests attended the different events that were held through out the day

Computers in Homes and Stepping up had display and a computer set up with a slideshow of pictures from the last two years of the course. Since 2003, CiH has supported the delivery of digital literacy, computers and internet to 415 west Coast families.